Christmas 2020: These are the current trends!

Christmas 2020: These are the current trends!

Christmas 2020: These are the current candle trends!

2020 is a very special year. Everything is a little different than usual. Fortunately, Christmas remains what it has always been: the most beautiful celebration of the year! What also remains is the anticipation and, as every year, new trends in colours and shapes. In the case of candles, the most important of all Christmas accessories, the trend colour blue is dominated by classics such as gold and silver as well as warm tones such as brown and cognac.

A special trend are scented candles, which, for example, with their warm, spicy cinnamon scents or festive almond aromas, enchant every living room with their typically Christmassy, pleasant scents. So let’s make your home shine and fragrance and celebrate together by candlelight.

Open your eyes when buying candles.

When buying candles, look out for candles with the RAL Quality Mark. RAL Candles are candles with guaranteed health protection. Candles with the RAL Quality Mark do not drip, are low in soot and smoke and are made of quality assured raw materials. Therefore candles and lights with the RAL Quality Mark do not affect health in any way. This is ensured by strict limit values which are checked regularly. For the customer this means:

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and sulphur, which are criticized because of their problematic properties for humans and the environment, are taboo for candles with the RAL Quality Mark.

Information on the quality association for candles

The quality association for candles is an association of European manufacturers.

Together they produce around 580,000 tons of candles annually – that’s more than 50 percent of total European production. The European Gütegemeinschaft e.V. for candles stands for quality and progress in the field of candle production.

Information on the RAL quality mark for candles

The quality mark for candles is awarded by the European Quality Association for Candles. The quality mark standard is generally recognized in the industry and has been partially adopted in the European standard 15426. Manufacturers may only advertise a product with the RAL quality mark if it meets the strict requirements of the quality association for candles with regard to raw materials, burning time and behavior.

Compliance with these standards is monitored by independent reviews by DEKRA experts.

The quality mark for candles was recognized by the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling e.V. in 1997. The RAL ensures the acceptance of the quality mark in all business circles and their use in accordance with the rules.

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